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As a landscape architecture firm, we recognize the value trees give to our environment and communities. We have created the A Tree For Me program in order to plant trees on a regional and local level. There is always a need for trees to protect our soil, clean our air, and provide habitat. Also, trees create places to swing, climb, and relax in the cool shade; thus, creating moments worth remembering throughout generations. May we all be so lucky to think back and remember a time when there was A Tree for Me.

Regionally, we have teamed with the Arbor Day FoundationBy participating in the Give-A-Tree® program, you can help to plant trees in our national forests. To date, we have planted over 1,500 trees through this program.


Locally, we actively search for locations in need of trees. We partner with local suppliers to source well-developed native nursery stock trees and coordinate the planting. 

We love to partner with other businesses to give back to the community. The following local partners have assisted us with our program by providing everything from top quality plant material to organic compost and mulch and by donating time and materials to the plantings: Lowes James Island, Hyams Garden Center, Brownswood Nursery, and Manale Landscaping.


If you would like to participate in our A Tree for Me program, or if you know of an area needing assistance with greening up, please contact us at 843-412-2894. We would love to hear from you! We can help by choosing the right tree for the right place. 

The Tomblin Company, A Tree For Me Program
The Tomblin Company, A Tree For Me Program
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