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David H. Tomblin, ASLA

This short and decisive statement is the backbone of David Tomblin’s Landscape Architectural practice.  With a diverse background from being reared in North Alabama as an architect’s son, David has seen the Southern landscape evolve from a perspective that few of us have experienced.  Difficult economic times and poor understanding of ecology have created vast landscapes of non-sustainable and ugly scarification of our region.  At the same time, jewels have been created across the Southeast that remind us of the joy that the well-designed garden brings.

"In facing the growing urgency of environmental issues confronting human societies, we must do more than sustain the earth; we must heal, enhance and manage the life-sustaining processes of the planet and ensure the integrity and strength of the global landscape which connects them."


American Society of Landscape Architects Declaration on Environment and Development - January 1993

David’s firm, The Tomblin Company, is committed to creating these jewels and repairing the environment between them.  This full service design firm, located in Charleston, South Carolina, has clientele across the Southeast and specializes in Landscape Architectural design for a wide variety of commercial, municipal and private clients.  David bases his firm’s practice on providing the best service possible with environmentally sound solutions.

David holds a B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture from Auburn University.  He is licensed to practice Landscape Architecture in Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.  He is an active member of the South Carolina and American Society of Landscape Architects as well as the Council of Landscape Registration Boards.  Current work in the Alabama region includes the Florence Downtown Streetscape Improvements, The Florence Sports Complex & The Singing River Sculpture Garden.

David’s commitment to our interaction with nature extends past the Landscape Architectural world into his continued support of Surfrider Foundation, Keepers of the Wild, The Nature Conservancy & Surfers Healing for Autism.

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